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The primary goal of the Coalition is to create a comprehensive strategy involving all relevant public and private systems of care to prevent opioid abuse among families involved with child welfare services and assure a prompt, comprehensive and high quality response when opioid use is present.

Goal 1: Child Welfare Worker Training
Increase skills and confidence of child welfare workers in identifying problematic substance misuse, encouraging caregivers who may be currently affected by OUD or other SUDs to seek assessment and treatment, and facilitating assessment and developmentally appropriate services for children potentially impacted by a caregiver's OUD/SUD.

Goal 2: System-Wide Opioid 201 Education
Launch system-wide education about SUD and treatment to strengthen family engagement and recovery.

Goal 3: Enhancing Child Welfare Services
Enhance the strategies of the child welfare system to become more trauma-informed and trauma-responsive to engage families in the case plan toward reunification, especially families who are affected by a caregiver’s OUD or other SUD.

Goal 4: Guiding Cross-System Collaboration
Guide cross-system collaboration including alignment of timelines, information transfer, and roles to support safe reunification of families affected by a caregiver’s OUD or other SUD.

Goal 5: Bold Ideas and Momentum
Ensure the sustainability of coalition-spearheaded progress and results.

The Coalition will seek to achieve the following:

The Coalition will consider the context in which children are impacted by opioid use and work to improve the political environment that surrounds the child welfare and other child-serving systems so that they produce needed policy and funding changes.

The Coalition will identify evidence-based programs, services and messaging to fill identified gaps in the existing continuum of care for children impacted by opioids; training for child welfare workers and workers in other child-serving systems; and messaging to the broader community.

Training will focus on increasing child welfare workers’ capacity to serve as first responders when confronted with opioid use in the homes and communities in which they work. It will provide children and families with resources and connections to community and evidence-based services.

The Coalition will create strong and effective linkages across child-serving systems that improve results for children and their families. It will seek to achieve the following goals.