About the Coalition

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The Philadelphia Coalition on Children and Opioids is a public/private partnership of 23 organizations and individuals who have come together to develop and implement a series of recommendations targeted at reducing the impact the opioid crisis has on children and families in Philadelphia. Members are thought leaders in the child welfare, behavioral health, community health, legal and advocacy communities as well as people with lived experience with opioid addiction. 

Our primary goal is to create a comprehensive strategy involving all relevant public and private systems of care to prevent opioid abuse among families involved with child welfare services and assure a prompt, comprehensive and high quality response when opioid use is present.

The Coalition is convened by Turning Points for Children, a subsidiary of Public Health Management Corporation, supported by a grant from the US Department of Justice, Office of Victims of Crime.

Our Strategy

The social impact of opioid addiction, specifically on children, is extremely complex and requires a coordinated effort across multiple systems to address. Our goal is not only to improve collaboration among these multiple systems, but to help them come together to provide a coherent, seamless and integrated response to the needs of those children impacted by the opioid epidemic.

To pursue this strategy, we are using the Collective Impact Framework, which outlines a roadmap to bring individuals, community and organizations together in a structured way in an effort to achieve social change together.

Collective impact framework